We have close and established business contacts with major metal and scrap traders across the globe, which we have maintained on a personal basis.

Being direct importers helps us to create and maintain a simple yet strong value chain and gives us a competitive edge over our competitors.

Our suppliers provide us the best quality materials at competitive prices along with prompt shipments in return to flexible payment terms and documentation that we offer.

Strong financial strength is the backbone of Enkay Associates, which enables us to provide for prompt payments to our suppliers.

We would welcome new and reliable suppliers willing to collaborate and join hands with us for mutual benefit.


We strive to fulfill our customer’s requirements namely specifications, quality, origin, quantity and place of delivery in a most effective and efficient manner.

Our commitments exceed our customer’s expectations because of a complete logistics package that we provide which includes the following:

Transportation: to deliver the required materials safely anywhere in India on time.

Warehousing: to ensure prompt dispatch of the goods from our own or public warehouses.

Inventory Management: to ensure continuous supply of the materials to our customers and also enables us to give regular and timely orders to our suppliers.

Packaging: to suit the general or specific requirements of the customers.

Information and Communication: to integrate the fixed facilities like warehouses with transport capabilities and inventory and keep the customers well informed about their orders.